This Man Turned an Airplane Into The Coolest Home Ever

This man purchased a real Boeing 727 plane for $220,000 and placed it in the middle of the woods. Then it was converted into his fully functional airplane home! I have always dreamed of having a plane to myself, and this man did just that.

His airplane home has two bathrooms, a kitchen area, a work area, and a bedroom with a futon couch. There were a few minor upgrades, but his home still looks like a plane! I think it looks cooler that way. He purchased the plane because he felt that it would make a good home, and mentions that they discontinue 3 full size jets every day, most of them being scrapped. What a waste!

When you think about it, jets are super sturdy and weather resistant and will last a very long time. They are also made to be comfortable. I am guessing planes are even more comfortable when it is not crowded on board!

Overall, it looks like a very cozy and reliable home.

Take a tour inside his home by watching the video below…

Would you live in an airplane home like this if given the chance? Let us know in the comments below!

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